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2004 - Establishing the band 'Massive Beats Crew'
2004 - Establishing the band 'Massive Beats Crew'

Establishing the band „Massive Beats Crew“

It all begins in the small town of Saalfelden am Steinernen Meer in Austria: Soon after we learn about the art of beatboxing we – Andy, Ivory and Tom – form a band and call it „Massive Beats Crew“. We practice beatboxing every time we meet. Ivory’s bedroom becomes our studio. We want to show the world how much we love beatboxing. The foundation is built for everything that comes after.


2005 - Participation at the Austrian Beatbox Championships

Participation at the Austrian Beatbox Championships

Our first contact with the Austrian beatbox scene. We are inspired!

Supporting act for beatbox legend Rahzel

We meet one of our role models for the first time - as the support band. An exciting day.

First beatbox workshop at the Grazbachgasse school, Graz, Austria

We give our first beatbox workshop over five mornings. Our passion for teaching begins.


2006 - Contemporary dance meets beatboxing

1st place at the Austrian Beatbox Championship team competition

Our team wins the Austrian Beatbox Championship for the first time: a great feeling and huge motivation to continue and become better.

Stage play „Dreaming in Haiku“

A new world opens up for us: contemporary dance meets beatbox.

„TonART“ a cappella festival, Ilmenau, Germany

The audience loves us and we go home on a high note.

„Beatbox in Concert“, Montenegro, Serbia

Together with the Austrian beatbox scene we perform in the Balkans for the first time (but not the last).


2007 - Part of the jury at the German Beatbox Championship und beatbox workshops in german

1st place at the Austrian Beatbox Championship team competition

Our team wins the Austrian Beatbox Championship for the second time.

Part of the jury at the German Beatbox Championship

As well as having a showcase, Massive Beats Crew is on the jury for the „Beatbox Battle“ in Munich, Germany.

Supporting act for Eklips and Beardyman

„Beatbox in Concert“ in Vienna, Austria. Massive Beats is a supporting act.

Beatbox workshop at the HIB Saalfelden school, Saalfelden, Austria

The start of the first beatbox workshop for the HIB Saalfelden school. We teach beatboxing to several classes this year. This workshop becomes a regular occurrence over the years and continues to this day.


2008 - Theater meets human beatboxing. Hip-hop festival Splash Beatbox Battle

1st place at the Austrian Beatbox Championship team competition

Our team wins the Austrian Beatbox Championship for the third time. We meet beatbox legen Killa Kela. He’s on the jury and votes for us.

1st place at the Austrian Beatbox Championship solo competition

Ivory becomes Austrian beatbox champion in the solo competition. All three of the Massive Beats Crew are ranked in the top four.

1st place and 3rd place at the „Splash Beatbox Battle“

We are successful at the international „Splash Beatbox Battle“ in Leipzig, Germany. It’s the biggest hip hop festival in Europe. Such a great honor and an amazing opportunity to learn from other beatboxers.

BOXCON, London

We travel to the Boxcon beatbox convention in London, England. It’s always been important to us to get to know other beatboxers and hear what they have to say. We have great memories of our set at the convention.

Beatbox Convention, Berlin

Beatboxers come from all around the world to meet up and show their skills. We have a great time and meet lots of kindred spirits. This experience showed us that every country and every language has its own strengths.

Stage play „SLIK“

We win the LINZ 09 & dance days „Posthof“ award along with Silke Grabinger and Roderrich Madl for the best contemporary dance piece.

Stage play „Hip Hop goes Theatre“

We combine deep beats with great moves as part of a breathtaking hip hop show organized by Nobulus.


2009 - Beatbox World Championship and performance at the Red Bull Playstreets

3rd place at the Beatbox World Championship

We stand proud on the podium at the Beatbox World Championship in Berlin, Germany.

Red Bull Playstreets, Bad Gastein, Austria

Our first performance for Red Bull – and the first time we ever beatbox live in front of 15,000 people.

Rocawear Festival, Czech Republic

Our first performance in the Czech Republic. Beatbox to the fullest.

Flavourama Breakdance Battle, Salzburg, Austria

We always felt a strong connection to the world of breakdance - besides beatboxing one of the five elements of hip hop.


2010 - American Beatbox showcase in Brooklyn New York. Meet & Greet with Michael Winslow the legendary sound machine from 'Police Academy'

First performance at the American Beatbox Championship, Brooklyn, New York, U.S.

We’ll remember our showcase at this historic event for many years to come.

Supporting act for beatbox legend Rahzel

The second time we have the honor of beatboxing for our idol.

First International Emperor of Mic Beatbox Battle

We establish this legendary event with Oliver Haditsch and Günther Ferstl. Participants are Lytos, Skiller, KrnFx, Defa, Frisco, Slizzer, BMG and Doeme. On the jury: Zede, Eklipse and Ivory.

Ö3 Red Bull „Brandwagen“ secret concert tour

We bring the audience to a frenzy as the supporting act for Culcha Candela.

Meet & Greet with Michael Winslow

We meet the legendary sound machine from „Police Academy“ in Vienna, Austria.


2011 - Grand Beatbox Battle, Switzerland. International Emperor of Mic Beatbox Battle in Graz, Austria.

Second International Emperor of Mic Beatbox Battle

After the successful premiere in 2010 we invite top beatboxers from around the world to the event in Graz. We are proud to host: Alem, Dharni, Slizzer, KrnFx, Babeli, Ball-Zee, Heartgrey and Primitiv. On the jury: Zede, Lytos and Ivory.

FC Bayern München basketball team

In the arena in Munich, Germany, we show off our skills as part of the show act.

Jury at Grand Beatbox Battle, Switzerland

Ivory represents the Massive Beats Crew in the third Grand Beatbox Battle in Basel, Switzerland.

A1 logo presentation

We beatbox under artist Beda Percht at the presentation of the new logo for A1. Further performances follow.

Mercedes Astros

The new Mercedes Astros is launched at an event – and our beatbox show is a highlight.


2012 - Thomas Rieder publishes the first book about learning to beatbox: 'The Real Beatbox School' (in german).

Third International Emperor of Mic Beatbox Battle

Once again we welcome the crème de la crème of the beatbox world to Graz. The show includes Pe4enkata, KrnFx, Two H, Babeli, Ball Zee, KIM, Beasty and Slizzer. On the jury: Skiller, Zede, Dharni, Lytos and Ivory.

Textbook: „The Real Beatbox School“

Thomas and teacher Werner David Wiechenthaler publish the first book about learning to beatbox at publishing house Doblinger.

Exhibitions „Buch Wien“, „Leipziger Buchmesse“ and „Music Austria Ried“

The beatbox book is launched.

Mercedes A class

The new series from Mercedes is presented in the historic Hofburg palace in Vienna, Austria – and Massive Beats Crew is part of the entertainment.

Finale of „The big chance“

Ivory and his band „The Uptown Monotones“ reach the final of this TV talent show.

Red Bull „Checkmate“

Our showcase in the break is shown live around the world.


2013 - Instructor at the University of Music and Performing Arts, Graz, Austria

Instructor at the University of Music and Performing Arts, Graz, Austria

Tom plays „professor“ and holds a one-week training course in beatbox for prospective music teachers.

Fourth International Emperor of Mic Beatbox Battle

For the first time the battle takes place in a TV studio in Maribor, Slovenia. Participants include Babeli, B-Art, KrnFx, Fastlipz, Pe4enkata, Markooz, Slizzer and Doeme. On the jury: Dharni, Ball Zee, Zede, Lytos and Ivory.

Chor.com in Dortmund, Germany

This is where vocal music comes together! We provide a beatbox workshop and a presentation of Tom’s beatbox book.

Instructor at the Music Congress of the AGMÖ

The Working Group for Music Education in Austria (AGMÖ) invites us to present the art of beatboxing to teachers.

„Art support“ Salzburg

Thomas becomes a member of „Art support“ (Kunsthilfe Salzburg, chair person Eva Weißenbacher).

FM4 Frequency Festival, St. Pölten, Austria

We perform at this Austrian music festival alongside international artists. Beatbox to the fullest!

Pioneers Festival, Vienna, Austria

We beatbox among the cyborgs and internet millionaires.

Teacher training, Austria

Wherever teachers are training (this time in Styria, Austria) is a good place for a presentation on human beatboxing.

Masters of Dirt, Vienna, Austria

Bold beats at the world’s wildest freestyle motocross show alongside motocross legend Edgar Torronteras.


2014 - Jury at the International Beatbox Shootout Battle

First International Beatbox Shootout Battle

A great battle in Graz! At the premiere we welcome Lytos, Alexinho B-Art, Babeli, Sid FX, Cosmin, Villian and Timmy. On the jury: Bee Low, Zede and Ivory.

Austrian Event Award

Cataracts is given the Austrian Event Award at the opening of the community center in Kuchl. Massive Beats Crew perform - and for the first time with opera singing.

1st place at the Carmen Nebel Show on the ZDF and ORF TV channels

VTom performs for over three million viewers with the „Popvox Live“ choir in a TV duel with telephone voting. Popvox wins and takes home a football shirt signed by the German national team.

FM4 Frequency Festival

Back again at this large Austrian music festival and this time we meet Snoop Dogg.


2015 - Finalists at the 'Big chance for choirs'

Finalists at the „Big chance for choirs“

Die Massive Beats Crew geht eine Verbindung mit drei talentierten Sängerinnen ein. Wir schaffen es bis ins Finale.

Second International Beatbox Shootout Battle

There is an awesome lineup for the second Beatbox Shootout: Slizzer, Alexinho, Cosmin, Penkyx, Trung Bao, Efaybee, Madox and Mc Zani. On the jury: Pepouni, Zede and Ivory

EXPO Milan, Italy

As part of the German pavilion for six months, Tom, Ivory and a guitar player give over 1000 shows. The pavilion wins a number of prizes.


2016 - 200 years of Salzburg: Poetry slam meets beatbox

Third International Beatbox Shootout Battle

After the unbelievable showdown the year before the beatboxers are back in Graz to show what the term „level up“ really means. On the stage: Fredy Beats, Samy Try, Madox, B-Art, Trung Bao, Cosmin, Scouilla and Efaybee. On the jury: Dharni, Alexinho and Ivory.

European Youth Awards, Graz, Austria

Ivory is given five minutes time to teach the audience a cool beat. Challenge accepted!

200 years of Salzburg: Poetry slam meets beatbox.

A poem is written and beatboxed at Salzburg’s 200-year anniversary.


2017 - Symbiosis of cello and beatbox

Fourth International Beatbox Shootout Battle

The lineup promises greatness and also delivers. This year will be long remembered by many thanks to the beats from D-Low, Cosmin, Napom, Babeli, Samy Try, B-Art, Piratheeban and Kenny Urban. The hard task of judging falls to Lytos, Zede and Ivory.

The „Hahnenkamm“ Alpine Ski World Cup, Kitzbühel, Austria

We are part of the entertainment at the VIP after-show party and are able to perform to Arnold Schwarzenegger and Niki Lauda, among others.

Beatbox and cello

Tom and Esteban Belinchon explore the symbiosis of cello and beatbox in the House of Literature in Salzburg, Austria.

„15 seconds“ festival, Graz, Austria

Ivory’s performance brings good vibes to the festival.


An interesting talk about beatboxing at the TedX Conference in Vienna, Austria.


2018 - Ivory Parker represents 'Vokal Total' at the World Beatbox Classic, Foshan, China

Fifth International Beatbox Shootout Battle

Our beatbox battle evolves each year! This year sees fresh new beats from Zekka, Kenozen, B-Art, Ibarra, Elisii, Madox, Epock and Efaybee. For the first time there is a five-strong jury with Alexinho, Napom, Kenny Urban, Slizzer and Ivory.

Beatbox Battle World Championship: Moderating the live stream

Ivory leads the interviews for the global live stream of the beatbox championships in Berlin, Germany.

World Beatbox Classic, Foshan, China

Ivory represents „Vokal Total“ in China.

Jury at the Austrian Beatbox Championship

Ivory is one of the judges picking the new Austrian champion.

Downhill Mountainbike in Saalbach, Austria

We organize a show with the best beatboxers in the world, including Alexinho, B-Art, Efaybee, Ibarra, Madox and many more.

Beatbox meets brass band music

As part of a celebration held by the Austrian Post Office we beatbox with the brass band „Hoch und Deutschmeister Musikkapelle” and the drummers from Drumatical.

Drumatical on Tour

We contribute beatbox to the masters of rhythm.


2019 - Gründung und Veröffentlichung des besten deutschen Online Beatbox Anfängerkurses

Start of seboom

After many months of preparation we present the seboom online beatbox learning platform.