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Frequently asked questions

About seboom

What is seboom?

Seboom is an online beatbox learning platform for both beginners and people with some experience of beatboxing. It’s a great way to learn the art of beatboxing and improve your skills step by step. The learning platform provides a number of tutorial videos and practical exercises to lead you from the very beginnings to a professional level. The learning concept is designed so that you can learn something new in every video, be that a new sound, a new beat, or a whole new routine.

Seboom provides high-quality, high-definition beatbox tutorial videos that were produced using high-end cameras. The videos support you with a clear, standardized, and attractive way of learning. One key factor for the optimal learning experience is the intuitive notation which is a unique visual aid. The notation shows you exactly which sound to make at which time, when you should breathe in and out and how many repetitions there are.

How do I join seboom?

Sign up for a monthly subscription or yearly subscription at Every subscription includes a 7-day free test trial. The test trial is the best way to try out seboom with no obligations. This test trial is available to everybody signing up for a monthly or yearly subscription for the first time. You don’t need to pay anything for these 7 days and you can cancel the subscription online within the test trial at any time with no obligations. After the test trial has been canceled you no longer have access to the learning content. At the end of the 7-day test trial period your fee-based subscription begins automatically. This can be canceled online at any time and will then be canceled at the end of the term.

To sign up for seboom:

  1. Click on “Start now”.
  2. Create a user account or login to your existing seboom account.
  3. Choose how you want to pay.
  4. Enter your payment details.
  5. Click on “Subscribe now”.
How much does premium access to seboom cost?

Seboom provides monthly and yearly subscriptions. Each subscription includes a free 7-day test trail at the beginning.

After the test trial is over seboom premium access costs 24.90 € per month or 199.90 € per year.

The value added tax (VAT) or goods and services tax (GST) in countries in which this is required is already included in the seboom subscription fee.

What is beatbox?

Beatboxing originated in the American hip hop scene in the 1980s. In fact, beatbox is often called the “fifth element of hip hop”. The term “beatbox” comes from the drum computers of that time which were used to produce the beats for the music. “Beat” is the sound, “box” the equipment used to produce the sound. People who produce beats with their mouth are often referred to as “human beatboxes”.

Discover more about the history and basics of beatboxing here.

Do I need to be able to read music?

No, reading music is not a requirement for the online seboom beatbox course. We have developed our own notation which shows you which syllables, words and sounds you need to produce. This makes the exercises intuitive and easy to follow. You don’t need any special knowledge, just the ability to read.

I don’t have any experience in beatboxing. Can I still use seboom premium?

Yes, you can start immediately, you don’t need any experience. The learning concept of seboom assumes zero knowledge of beatboxing and progresses from there. Each video builds on the previous videos. We cover breathing and sounds and teach you whole beats and routines. You can learn at your own speed and work your own way through the sections. Step by step you will discover the whole world of beatboxing.

I’m not a total beginner – what now? I can already beatbox – can I still learn something here?

Yes, the seboom course is extensive and has lots for both beginners and more advanced beatboxers to learn. You’ve never beatboxed before? You’ll start learning right away. You’ve already mastered some sounds and beats? We’ll help you improve your skills and learn new ones. Get ready for lots of insider knowledge, tips and tricks and special beatbox workouts for you to train and perfect your sounds. In regular live sessions you can get feedback directly from the seboom coaches. There is always something new to learn here.

7-day free test trial

How does the 7-day free test trial work?

The 7-day free test trial is the best way to get to know seboom. It’s only available to new members who sign up for a monthly or yearly subscription. At the end of the free test trial period, you will be automatically charged the subscription fee.

Can I cancel my subscription during the free test trial period?

Yes, you can cancel your subscription at any time during the free test trial period. After cancellation you no longer have access to the learning content.


Can I cancel my subscription?

During the 7-day free test trial period, you can cancel your subscription at any time and without obligation. You will not be charged any fees. Your subscription starts automatically at the end of your 7-day free test trial (unless you have canceled your subscription). Depending on your chosen subscription you will pay monthly or yearly. You can see your terms online in your profile (see “My profile” > “My subscription”. This shows the beginning and end of the test trial and the current subscription cycle.

How can I cancel my subscription?

You can cancel your subscription at any time by going to  “My profile” > “My subscription” and clicking on “Cancel subscription”. Your subscription will then end at the end of the term. If you have a monthly subscription you can cancel monthly, if you have a yearly subscription you can cancel annually. You still have access to the tutorial videos until the end of the term. If you cancel your subscription within the free 7-day test trial you are not charged any fees but your access to the tutorial videos ends immediately.

If you have any questions or problems on the subject of canceling your subscription, write to us at We’re happy to help you!

I’ve entered my method of payment but haven’t got a confirmation message yet. How do I know whether my registration was successful?

After you enter your method of payment and click on “Send” your data will be checked. This may take a few minutes. During this procedure, please do not update the webpage. As soon as your payment has been confirmed you will be automatically transferred to the “Thank you for your subscription” webpage and you will also receive an email confirmation.

If you have any problems signing up for a subscription or entering a method of payment, get in touch by email to We’re happy to help you!

How can I pay?

We accept PayPal and the following credit cards: Visa, Mastercard, Maestro and American Express.

How can I change my payment details?

At the moment you can only change your payment details by canceling your subscription and beginning another subscription.

Why did my payment fail?

If a payment is refused, you will receive an email informing you why your payment failed. In most cases, you can solve this problem by entering your credit card information again.

If the problem still occurs after re-entering the payment details, proceed as follows:

  1. Use a different credit card
  2. Call your bank or credit card company. It is possible that the bank or credit card company has refused the payment. You can solve this problem by informing your bank/credit card company that this is a legitimate payment.
What is the refund policy?

At the moment we cannot refund seboom premium subscriptions. You can cancel your subscription at any time online. After cancellation of the subscription, you still have access to the tutorial videos until the end of the term.

If you have any questions, contact us at We’re happy to help!

User account/my profile

How can I reactivate my expired subscription?
  1. Log in to your seboom account.
  2. Click on your avatar in the top right of the navigation bar.
  3. Click on “My profile”.
  4. Click on “Subscription” in the left-hand navigation bar.
  5. Click on “Start subscription”.
  6. Choose the subscription type.
  7. Choose your method of payment and enter the payment details.
How do I change my subscription plan?

At the moment you can only change your subscription plan by canceling your subscription and beginning a new subscription.

If you have any questions or problems on the subject of your subscription, write to us at We’re happy to help you!

How do I reset my password?
  1. Click on “Login” (top right).
  2. Click on “Forgot password?”.
  3. Enter your user name or the email address you used when creating your seboom account.
  4. Click on “Reset password”.
  5. Look in your inbox. We’ll send you an email asking you to create a new password. If you don’t hear from us by email after a few minutes, look in your spam or junk mail folder.
How do I change my password?
  1. Log in to your seboom account.
    Click on your avatar in the top right of the navigation bar.
  2. Click on “My profile”.
  3. Click on “Change password” on the left of the navigation bar.
  4. Enter a new password in the right-hand field.
  5. Confirm your new password by entering it again.
  6. Click on “Save”.
How do I update my profile?
  1. Log in to your seboom account.
    Click on your avatar  in the top right of the navigation bar.
  2. Click on “My profile”.
  3. In the right-hand field you can enter your name and country.
  4. Click on “Save”.

You can’t change the user name and email address you entered when you first signed up. If you want to change these, please write an email to

Learning plan

How is the course structured?

The course follows a didactic concept. We explain everything beatboxing has to offer in a simple, understandable, and step-by-step manner. You are not on your own – in the videos the seboom coaches practice with you. All lessons are designed to build on each other. Each lesson follows on directly from the previous one. No learning content or topics are skipped but are presented clearly and practiced in detail. In this way, we enable a continuous learning curve with a slowly increasing level of difficulty. You will be challenged in every lesson, but not overstrained!

You can beatbox in every lesson. Each video has its own exercises that help you to immediately apply and internalize what you have learned. So every new lesson means a new skill for you!

At regular intervals, we will return to what you’ve already learned in a masterclass. In this masterclass, we use the beats you’ve already learned to create new sounds and beats. This gives you the opportunity to be creative, develop your own rhythms, and expand your musical repertoire. We will also provide special workouts to train your mouth, throat and tongue muscles and perfect your sounds and beats. 

The seboom online beatbox course covers breathing techniques, spoken rhythm, beats, rhythms, whole covers, and routines. We are continuously producing new content.

What order should I follow?

If you are a beatbox beginner, we recommend watching the videos in order. In this way you’ll achieve a continuous learning curve with a slowly increasing level of difficulty. As a beginner you should not skip any videos because the content of the videos build on each other.

If you already have beatboxing experience, you can choose your path freely, watch the videos you are interested in and improve the skills you’ve not yet mastered.

How long is a video session?

Depending on the content and the goal, a video session is between 15 and 30 minutes long.

How is a video session structured?

At the beginning of each video we show you what to expect in this session and what learning goals we want to achieve together. In this way you can see right at the beginning what exactly is coming up and what you will be able to do after the lesson is over. 

Afterwards the beat is “broken down” into its individual components and each part is practiced separately. The tempo is also set slowly at first and then increased continuously. The components of the beat are displayed in our animated notation system and give you additional visual support. The notation shows when it’s your turn to produce each sound, when you should breathe in and out and how often you need to repeat a sequence of sounds.

How often is there a new video?

We are expanding the seboom beatbox course regularly.

Who is the seboom online beatbox course aimed at?

The course is aimed at all people interested in beatboxing, beginners and also people with some experience. Do you want to start beatboxing but don’t know how exactly? Then the course is perfect for you! Are you looking for a beatboxing instructor, but can’t find one near you? At seboom you can now get all the professional support you need. We have step-by-step instructions for beatboxing. You don’t need to get lost in the tutorial jungle anymore, you can rely on our experience and our learning concept.

The seboom online course also offers the right content for experienced musicians, especially choir members or singers, as well as rhythm instrumentalists who would like to take a closer look at beatboxing. Since beatboxing has a lot to do with speech rhythm, emphasis and intonation, you can use the seboom online course to specifically improve your skills in this area.

Device/browser support

Which web browser and which operating systems are supported by seboom?

When developing the seboom online beatbox academy, we paid particular attention to achieving the greatest possible coverage of the PCs, tablets and smartphones that have become popular in recent years, as well as their operating systems. This means there should be no specific restrictions here. 

For an optimal use of our platform we recommend the following browser and operating systems:

Chrome (MacOS, Windows 10 or higher, Android 6 or higher, iOS 10 or higher)
Firefox (MacOS and Windows 10 or higher)
Edge 16 and newer versions (Windows 10 or higher)
Safari (MacOS, iOS 9 or higher)

The use of an ad blocker and/or deactivating Javascript or cookies can lead to problems and restrictions in use. If the use of such tools results in limitations or functional problems, we regret that we cannot offer a guarantee or refund.

Which devices can I use to access seboom?

You can access the sebom website from a computer, mobile device or tablet.

I subscribed to seboom on the website. Can I also use my iPhone or Android device?

Yes! Once you have created your seboom account, you can access seboom from all your devices. You can use the same credentials (password and user name) to access your account on your PC, iPhone or Android device.

If I use seboom on different devices, will my progress be saved across devices?

Yes, your progress is stored in your seboom profile and is available on each of the devices you use, provided you have logged in with the same credentials (password and user name).

Is a permanent internet connection required to use seboom premium optimally?

Yes. The tutorial videos are available as a video stream. A permanent internet connection is required for this.

Can I download the tutorial videos, sheet music and podcasts?

You can download the sheet music and podcasts from the members’ area of seboom premium. The tutorial videos cannot be downloaded, these can only be streamed.

What internet speed is required to use seboom premium?

Seboom premium works with any standard internet connection. For a standard definition video, a download speed of 400 kilobits per second works great. For HD (high definition) you need at least 1 megabit per second. You can test the speed of your internet connection here: